Linkus Group | Communication is Key
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Communication is Key

Whether you’re working on an assignment, up against a tight deadline, not comfortable with a certain situation, or just really need to get your message across – communication is the most important value in any type of office place. Speaking openly, yet respectfully, to a colleague, subordinate, or boss can get everyone on the same page – making for a much more productive environment. Sometimes the conversations can be uncomfortable, but in the long run it can do wonders for your atmosphere. It’s important to note that feedback and communication is just as integral for both positive and negative situations.


Positive Encouragement

If you’re happy with a colleague or an employee’s work, even though their progress might be what you expected – it’s still important to acknowledge it. This gives one a sense of pride and will encourage them to continue with their pace in the future. Positive encouragement and affirmative feedback is the number 1 way to prevent complacency.


Constructive Criticism

If something is wrong or there is a troublesome habit occurring, it is important to address it right away, otherwise the problem will continue. Saying nothing or making passive aggressive comments will breed a bad environment and won’t let your co-workers or employees develop properly. And once you do address the issue, it’s a good idea to suggest a proper solution.


 Ending with a Positive

The best thing you can do to continue to have a healthy relationship with the people you work with, is to end whatever conversation you have with a positive comment. This will improve one’s mood no matter what the tone of the conversation was, and will show an effort on your part.