Linkus Group | Creating a recruitment strategy for 2014
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Creating a recruitment strategy for 2014

As 2013 has come to an end, there is an opportunity for businesses to start the New Year with a new and improved recruitment strategy.  However, not every business will want to make such a change.  Of course, if the existing strategy has been working, why change it?  This is the opinion of many recruitment managers who feel they can repeat previous successes in the upcoming year.

However, businesses should consider that to attain new goals they should revamp or modify their recruitment strategies.  In order to keep up with the talent in today’s workforce, change must be embraced.  Whether it is creating a short-term strategy, onboarding new employees into the organization or even creating an incentive program to motivate existing employees, change allows managers to stay alert and competitive.

2014 growth

Here are a few ways to build change into your recruitment strategy in 2014:

Identify short-term goals that need to be attained
Setting short-term goals to help you reach your long-term goals is the key to success.  Having short-term goals will help create steps and allow you to streamline your focus, while still keeping the big picture in sight.  Having daily or weekly goals allows employees to be more focused, and aware of the business strategy.

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team
Every employee has individual strengths and weaknesses that can benefit your business.  Magnify the strengths as they can create new core competencies for your business.  However, weaknesses should not be ignored.  Identifying weaknesses will allow for improvement, learning, and growth.

Create incentive programs to motivate employees
It’s a new year, and most people create resolutions and goals in their careers.  Make use of that new energy and create incentive programs to boost employee morale.  Incentive programs can come in hand with the short-term goals that your business has created, and allow for successful attainment of those goals.

Be transparent – ensure any change is communicated throughout the organization
Transparency in an organization is a must.  Of course, there is a fine line between confidential information and information that can be shared with your employees. However, ensuring that your strategy is communicated with the entire organization will allow for successful execution of the strategy.  It will ensure that everyone is onboard with the strategy and will raise any questions that employees may have early in the process.