Linkus Group | Does your “Why” Make You Cry?
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Does your “Why” Make You Cry?

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Throwing back to the history of our company, Linkus Group was founded by Adam Gellert with the purpose of not only helping companies recruit top talent, but with the purpose of solving a real problem: making sure employers hire employees who are who they say they are. This has been our “Why” since day one.

From the moment we walk into our office, through the conversations we have with clients and job seekers, and at the end of a productive day, we are always thinking about how our team has contributed to our “Why,” otherwise known as our mission. While I can go on and on about the difference we want to make in this industry, for the sake of this blog post, (and so I can write about it in another post!) I’ll keep it short: If you want to hire a chef, have them cook for you. If the chef cannot cook, it doesn’t matter how much you like them personally, do not hire them. So simple yet not practiced.

Achieving our “Why” is not something that Adam nor I can do overnight. Truthfully, it starts with the two of us embodying it (I think we all have those stories of a time the boss was a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ character.) We also put a lot of thought into who we hire and the type of behaviour we expect them to have that tie back to our “Why.” We’re upfront about the environment being consultative and strategic, taking into consideration human behaviour and pattern recognition. You’ll know when someone’s into it because you’ll hit their passion button and their eyes will light up and they’ll say things like “I think about that ALL THE TIME” while they launch themselves across the table!

From there, it’s applying what we practice in our own hiring process to the work we do with our candidates. Sure, we can talk to a candidate across a boardroom table until the cows come home, but where the real magic happens is spending time with them out in the real world. While recently interviewing for our team, a candidate suggested he was really great at networking. I jumped on that and said “great, let’s hit up an event together so you can show me your stuff!” The events that followed were all behaviours I was paying attention to such as his follow afterward and leading up to the event, how he handled the room, taking note when he asked the speaker panel a question. How he did that event is how he does life and work. It’s where you can also pick up on all those little “tells” about someone.

What are some of the things we’re doing with our team to support our “why”?

Practicing Storytelling

Telling stories not only emits oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that creates trust, but it’s a powerful tool to use in the boardroom during a call with a candidate or on stage at a conference. When someone trusts you, they’re more likely to share and reveal who they really are. I grew up with a father who told a story about himself every night around the dinner table that had all the kids giggling and in awe of the life he lived before our time. At Linkus, we’ve been leading storytelling workshops with our team to help them uncover all those juicy little nuggets who make them who they are today. Rather than get right into business with prospects, our team shares what makes them unique and their journey to becoming a recruiter.

Our Listening Skills are A-1

Listen to what people say… they’re telling you who they are. This one takes a lot of practice and took me years. I was in a conversation with someone recently who kept alluding to the fact that they’re a really honest person by saying “I’m an honest person”, “I can’t lie”, “I only lead with the truth”. It started to feel really icky, not to mention his body language didn’t align with what he was saying. Pay attention to this kinda stuff!!

Developing Matchmaking Ninjas

‘Cause lets be serious, this is what we’re actually doing. And we’re not just setting up two people because they both happen to be single. We’re matching values and behaviours. Want to get someone to share their true selves with you? Spend a lot of time getting to know one another and establishing trust. When you’re a good recruiter, you really respect what people do. You care deeply about others, you’re inspired by what they’ve accomplished and you’re equally as interested in what makes them their unique selves. This all ties back to my theory that hiring slow and being really intentional in the interview stage saves you the potential headaches later.

We spend a lot of time digging into what our superpowers are and how they tie back to our “Why.” I always say have a goal in mind and surround yourself with the tools, resources and the people who can get you there. That’s ultimately the service we offer. Every day listening, supporting, and fostering our team to provide great, personal service to our clients.

If you’re a business owner, VC or hiring manager, who is looking to chat about your “Why” and how to scale the right team to make it come alive, give me a shout – I’d love to meet you!

Kathryn Ducey, Chief Communications Officer