Linkus Group | How to Stay Motivated During the Winter Season
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How to Stay Motivated During the Winter Season

The cold winter weather persists each day while you and your colleagues continue to brave the elements. Christmas break seems like a distant memory in your rear view mirror, while family day is weeks ahead in the future. Staying focused on your day-to-day activities as well as your long-term goals and resolutions this year can be difficult – and this common epidemic has become widely known as the dog days of winter. Staying on track can be challenging but here are some ways you can accomplish your New Years goals and combat the winter “blahs.”


 Visual Aides

Having visual aides around your desk / work area can help assist you with your short term and long-term goals. Post-it notes, calendars and alarms can act as reminders and cues so you don’t lose track of your objectives. It can also act as a motivator – removing items off as to-do list can be a therapeutic and positive experience.


Hold Yourself Accountable

No one can force you to accomplish your goals, or knows how to get the task done like yourself – so don’t rely on anyone but yourself. Set a visual roadmap so you can achieve your targets, before you set your eyes on the next task or time-off. If all your objectives are becoming increasingly overwhelming, then aim to focus on one task at a time; don’t allow yourself to think too far ahead


 Make a Plan, Stick to It

Try not to sway too far off your original plan. Sticking to your outline creates good habits and creates a greater sense of accomplishment. If you have to get an assignment done by a certain deadline and miss it, don’t move on to the next assignment – go back and finish what you initially intended. That way you won’t fall too far behind in “work debt.”