Linkus Group | How will you change your next meeting?
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How will you change your next meeting?


Writer’s block isn’t just a dilemma that’s restricted to novelists and journalists. It can affect anyone who comes into work every day who tries to come up with an idea that will help benefit their company or school of thought but struggles to do so. It’s a creative obstacle that is difficult to get past – day in and day out. Trying to be consistently creative on a steady basis and failing to do so can be frustrating, especially in this social media era where everything gets broadcasted immediately and there is a rush for credit. There are many ways to try and spark your creative side, here are just a few:


  1. Brainstorming Sessions

In some companies, brainstorming sessions are frowned upon. Employees are expected to show up ready to pitch their ideas to their colleagues and/or bosses and are discouraged from thinking or mulling things over on the spot with others. But this type of paradigm is a pretty old fashioned way of thinking – it hinders creativity and communication amongst peers. Pitching ideas and concepts in a proper manner is never a bad thing, but nothing beats a good brain storming session to encourage ingenuity and to improve on someone’s foundation of an idea.


  1. Meeting with Others

Picking someone’s brain that you would normally not have access to can really help to boost creativity. Having an avenue to someone else’s world, even for an hour or so, can inspire ideas and mindsets that you typically wouldn’t have encountered on your own. This change of pace can come from a different department, company, or even a different genre of work. Changing things up from regular routine can stimulate your brain in countless ways.


  1. Change your Surroundings

If it IS broke – then fix it. Change around your workplace; introduce a new element, a picture, a new chair, a new office, a stress ball, a toy, etc. Any little thing can help in the tiniest of ways which can trigger a butterfly effect. You can surround yourself around distractions, get rid of old ones, or a new view of the same work world that you or your colleagues have gotten accustomed to. Altering your environment is an extremely easy way to trick your brain into thinking differently and inspiring a vision.


How will you change your next meeting?