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Why do candidates love to work with us?

For one, we’re experts in FIT and help place candidates on teams where they’ll thrive. You spend 40+ hours a week at work so landing a “job” isn’t good enough. You’re looking for the right career path.


Since we know this is an essential priority for you, we perform Dream Team AssessmentsTM (DTA) to understand what motivates you. Everyone has a unique set of skills, interests and attributes and we work to identify them and match them with the right team so you can excel.

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3 Main Principles


Saving Time

Guiding Your Career Path (FIT)

Looking for the perfect career is a full-time job. Let us shorten your search time.



Are there any costs that I need to pay associated with finding me a job? OR How much will I be charged if I am successfully hired for a job?

Our service is FREE to candidates. We work with top employers who invest in their hiring process and pay for our service.

I don’t see any jobs that are a good fit for me on the job board but I would still like to submit an application, how can I do this?

Please submit your resume using the job application titled “General Application” or email your resume to


I don’t want my current employer to know that I am job hunting or speaking with recruiters, how do you maintain confidentiality?

Confidentiality is our top priority! Ethically and professionally there is no substitute for confidence. We consider ourselves to be not only your champion professionally but also your confidant (similar to a lawyer or psychiatrist). This is how you want to search for a job.


I have applied for a job, how long will it take before someone contacts me?

You will only hear from us if you are shortlisted as a qualified candidate for a role we have out. As a boutique firm with a strong brand, we receive hundreds of resumes per day. We keep costs down for our clients by sifting through applications and contacting only those who are qualified for a role. You are encouraged, however, to reach out to us for status updates or with any questions.


If I email my application, am I automatically added to the database?

Yes. If you’re not contacted immediately, you can be assured you’re on our radar. Our priority is finding the right FIT and we will only contact you if there’s potential for a perfect match. If you are not contacted for a role you’ve applied for, we’ll add you to our database and you may hear from us if your qualifications match a role in the future.


Who can see my personal information?

Your personal information is protected. Only the Linkus team and companies that you have approved can see your details. In our business, confidentiality is paramount. All Linkus team members are trained to hold the highest standards of confidentiality.


Check out our job board.

We work with top employers that invest in their people. Check out your next dream role now!