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Communication is the key to success. You may not realize it, but the language you use, your tone of voice, and your body language all factor into how your message is received by those you are speaking with. Without knowing it, a bad mood you were...

by Jessica Boutros, Intern at Linkus Group You are nervous and jittery, feeling as though there’s an entire butterfly conservatory in your stomach as you approach the front desk. You tell the waitress you’re here for your seven o’clock dinner and wait to be seated. You walk...

-by Lani Wise, Recruitment Coordinator at  Linkus Group Recruiters pride themselves on being able to read people.  Highly developed instincts and skills are used to understand what the employer is looking for OR what key strengths a candidate has.  When you find that perfect person and you know they're going to fit, it's really thrilling!

-by Adam Gellert, Founder HR Consultant at Linkus Group

If your company is experiencing growth, recruitment and selection can be one of the most exhausting and difficult tasks in moving your business forward.  Yet, as daunting as it is, it's necessary.