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Top 5 Traits of Highly Employable People

Highly employable people understand their strengths and capabilities, and are committed to continuous personal and professional growth. To be successful in today’s tough job market, it is no longer enough to acknowledge one’s strengths and weaknesses – you need to have a plan to improve. Below, we explain the top 5 traits that make someone highly employable.


  1. They are in control of their continual skill development

Those who are successful in the professional world are those who take their growth into their own hands. With the vast amount of online resources available today (LinkedIn Learning, for example), continuous skill development is right at your fingertips. Alternatively, speak with your manager or an HR representative about any learning and development initiatives that exist within your organization.


  1. They know how to listen

The secret of good conversation is knowing how to listen. Individuals who know how to listen, can identify and truly understand the needs of those around them, thus making them more successful in the workplace. During job interviews, for example, know when to talk, when to listen and when to ask questions. (Check out this article from on how to speak well and listen better:


  1. They are emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence is of utmost importance in today’s working world. It is deemed to be a crucial trait one must have to be in a leadership role. Emotional intelligence is described as the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

  • Here’s what you need to work on to improve your emotional intelligence:
  • Self-awareness – Recognize and understand your emotions and reactions
  • Self-managementControl and adapt your emotions, mood, reactions, and responses
  • Motivation – Harness your emotions to motivate yourself to take appropriate action – commit, follow-through, and work toward the achievement of your goals
  • Empathy – Discern the feelings of others, understand their emotions and utilize your understanding to relate to others effectively
  • Social Skills – Build relationships, relate to others in social situations, lead, negotiate conflict, and work as part of a team

(Check out this infographic from on the five ways to show emotional intelligence: and make sure you take their quiz at the bottom of the page to find out how emotionally intelligent you are.)


  1. They don’t always follow their passions

What you were passionate about five years ago may not be what you’re passionate about today. Those who are highly employable make smart decisions for their career growth based on where they want to be in the future and the opportunities available to them.


  1. They have a personal brand

Knowing your personal brand is essential for today’s job seeker. If you know who you are and what you can bring to the table, employers are more likely to buy into your brand. (Check out Quick Sprouts guide to building your personal brand:

Below you will find all the links listed in this article – they will help you on your journey to becoming Highly Employable.


By Nicole Hegarty / Katie Muir