Linkus Group | We’re Live!
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We’re Live!

-by Kassandra Wenaas, Marketing Coordinator Intern at Linkus Group

After months of having the ‘NEW SITE COMING 2012’ slogan up on our old homepage, we have finally managed to launch the new Linkus Group website. Since our new site has now gone live it feels like a good time to do a quick write-up on this milestone.

When I was hired on at Linkus Group as a Marketing Coordinator Intern, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  It certainly wasn’t the usual intern experience of getting coffees and booking meetings that you often hear about.  Right out of the gate I found myself busy with creating the new site.  Doing this kept me busy with taking photographs, changing content, driving our web developers crazy with continuous requests and cancelled launches (special thanks to the 3 o’clock guys… highly recommended), learning more than I thought possible about Human Resources (HR) and just general frustration with the little things involved in web design and the technical nuances that tend to crop up here and there.

Yet, somehow we managed to get it done.  It was such a treat to be able to work in a collaborative relationship with my fellow Linkus Group comrades, as well as the 3 o’clock masterminds, to produce our website.  Although I’m sure it will be full of constant changes and updates to keep it as current and user friendly as possible, it was truly amazing to produce something that really resonated with our company and goal:  being unique, affordable, creative, professional.

The colors, photos, information and the story behind it all, links our mission with our website. Being a smaller business ourselves, this was a really important goal for us to achieve.  Since our company is based on the platform that we can provide affordable, individual, corporate HR solutions to growing businesses looking to expand – we needed to use our website to fully put across the impression that, not only are we capable of doing this, but that we’re insanely good at it too.  I think we managed to pull it off.

The thing that I’ve realized throughout the process of developing our website, is that sometimes it’s impossible to get everything perfect on the first, second, or even the third try.  I think this is a good thing, because realistically, it is our clients who will best help us figure out what works and what doesn’t.  After all, our clients are the ones who will be actively using our website, which means that perhaps the most important thing we can do when launching our site is to show them that there’s more to come.

So, with that said, check out our site.  Play around with it, and let us know what you think we should change or what we should do next with it.  After all, we want our clients to see that we do indeed have some tricks up our sleeves and that they should stay on for the ride as we (and our website) continue to grow.