Linkus Group | Why Would You Say No To So Much Business?
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Why Would You Say No To So Much Business?

All business is good business, right? Isn’t that the age-old saying? For many businesses, this is the case, however, at Linkus Group, we prefer to think differently.

Client success is something we strive for, and in order for us to achieve this, we have to work with clients who understand the intricacies of the hiring process and who invest in this process as much as we do.

Simply approaching us is not a good enough reason for us to work with you. We want to work with disruptive companies who fulfill the following 2 crucial philosophies: Product-Market Fit and Founder-Market Fit.

Trust us, we have some perfectly good reasons why.

Product-Market Fit

When we evaluate new clients, we adopt the same critical eye of an investor. Investors invest in companies that they can see taking off, dominating the market, and eventually growing to be independent by solving an important problem. Our evaluation, similar to an investor’s, involves asking the following questions about your company’s “first principles.” These include:

  • What problem is your company solving?
  • Are you solving an important problem?
  • Why is this problem important?
  • What position should you, or do you, dominate in the market to allow your company to solve this problem?

We ask these questions to get a clearer picture of the extent of your company’s inherent durability. Does your company have the potential for longevity? Does the market need you? Will it need you for long? In doing so, we not only learn more about your organization, but we learn whether or not we are able to help you find the right team members.

Founder-Market Fit

A company’s leader is the most significant variable in shaping a company’s culture. When we’re asked to work with a company, meeting this individual is a key part of our process.

We need to know whether or not a company’s founder is as committed to the business as the rest of their team is. We want to know that when this founder discusses the problem that their business is solving, that their eyes light up with passion for the work that they do. This helps us understand the culture of the entire company, as well as the company’s staying power.

Meeting a company’s founder helps us understand whether or not they are:

  • Authentic: Is the purpose of their company something they are passionate about?
  • Intensely obsessed with solving a problem for their customer
  • Looking out for the company as a whole

If we feel that the company’s founder/s is/are as passionate about their work and their company as we are about ours, then we know that they are going to be a great partner and that we’ll be able to find the right people for their team.

We take the integrity of both the company’s purpose and its founder/s so seriously that if it means turning away clients who can’t convince us of their purpose and passion, then we do it.

In fact, in 2017, the Linkus Group rejected 25% of our potential clients.

What? You may be thinking we’re crazy!

We’re just really, really passionate about working with companies that we believe in.

As recruiters, it is crucial that we believe in our clients so much that we could see ourselves working at their company. Why present a job-seeker with an opportunity that we wouldn’t take ourselves? If we don’t believe in your company’s mission and market value, we wouldn’t be making an authentic sell to potential job candidates. We don’t like doing that.

At the end of the day, our own business model is built on trust. We trust our clients to be honest, have integrity, and remain commercially viable. In turn, our candidates trust that we’ve invested the time to find the job for them, and you – the client – trust that we’ve presented a viable candidate who will contribute to the commercial success and growth of your company.

At the Linkus Group, we believe in partnerships where everyone wins.

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– Kathryn, Chief Communications Officer